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  The BGPS Spectroscopic Catalog

           Figure : Positions of dense gas detections from Shirley et al. (2013) overlaid on the CO 1-0 survey of Dame et al. (2001).

      The Bolocam Galactic Plane Survey Spectroscopic Catalog is a survey of dense molecular gas toward the 6194 sources in the Bolocat v1.0.1 with galactic longitude between 7.5 and 194 degrees. This is the largest targeted survey of dense molecular gas in the Milky Way to date. Each source was observed simultaneously in the lines of HCO+ 3-2 and N2H+ 3-2 using the 10m Heinrich Hertz Submillimeter Telescope.

Please cite the following papers if you use information from this survey:
Shirley et al. 2013, ApJS, 209, 2 ; Schlingman et al. 2011, ApJS, 195, 14.

BGPS Velocity catalog

(1) BGPS v1.0.1 Source Number
(2) RA J2000.0
(3) DEC J2000.0
(4) Catalog Origin (11 - Schlingman, 12 - Shirley)
(5) Molecular Line
(6) Spectroscopic Flag*
(7) V_LSR
Shirley et al. 2013 Complete Tables

Table2.txt HCO+ 3-2 Observed Properties

Table3.txt N2H+ 3-2 Observed Properties

Table5.txt HCO+ 3-2 Line Asymmetries

Kinematic Finder Charts

Finder Charts.pdf (360 pages, 102 MB)
Links to Spectroscopic Survey Papers
Shirley et al. 2013
Ellsworth-Bowers et al. 2013
Dunham et al. 2011
Schlingman et al. 2011
* Spectroscopic flags defined in Shirley et al. 2013 : 0 - Non-detection, 1 - Single v_lsr, 2 - Multiple v_lsr, 3 - Self-Absorbed.

This work was supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation (AST-1008577).

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